Beacon – Our Administrative Approach

Our approach is structured and highly communicative. Aside from typical daily email and phone interactions with Trustees, Plan Professionals, Service Providers and Plan Participants, we would also note:
  • Our typical client Fund has its own schedule of Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly & Annual reports emailed to them, including for example:
    • Delinquency Report to Fund Counsel & Trustees every Friday afternoon;
    • Weekly Claims Utilization Reports;
    • Weekly Claims Appeals and Litigation updates; and,
    • Cash Flow and Related Financial Reports.
  • Trustee Meeting Reports are provided to Trustees and Fund Counsel two weeks before meeting for review and comment – and to ensure no surprises.
  • Meeting Minutes and Action Memo – for every Trustee Meeting (regular or special) are provided to Trustees and Fund Counsel within two weeks after each Trustee Meeting.
This is meant to highlight that for each client Fund; we develop and then adhere to the schedule that responds to their needs.